Around the School Grounds

The Gardening Project
Check out this PDF document for details on our whole-school gardening project. HVPS Gardening Project

Waterwise Practices

At each of the drink taps around our school you will notice ice-cream containers underneath the bubble-taps. These are used to catch excess water which will regularly be collected and put onto the garden beds that need it.

Waste Warriors
Students are invited to apply to be a "Waste Warrior" with the school. These helpers will drive the work that is required for the waste module of the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI). Have a look at this PDF for more details about what is required by our Waste Warriors

Rubbish Free School
Our school has a take-in/take-out policy when it comes to lunchbox rubbish. To reduce the amount of landfill we create, our students and staff are asked to consider bringing their lunch without wrappings, foil, bags etc, but to use re-usable containers. This also encourages children to eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and less processed, pre-packaged foods. We have also started this term, to use reusable lunch bags for our parent club Friday lunches. The children now bring along their lunch order and money, pop that straight into the special pocket on their reusable lunch bag, and this cuts down the waste of the brown paper bag each family was asked to provide.